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You are free to choose the song(s) you would like used in your edit. I pay licensing fees to access an extensive library with many great selections, but many clients also choose to use mainstream music with limited licensing rights. If this is the case, please note that distribution will be limited by the music label (this usually just means you run into issues uploading directly to Instagram or Facebook, but YouTube is almost never an issue). 

Can you shoot photos too, or take still images from the video?

I highly recommend hiring a separate photographer to take photos while I shoot video. Trying to “double-up” is a recipe for disappointment, as crucial moments will only be covered by one medium.

While 4k video offers exceptional quality, still frames taken from the video never compete with raw imagery captured by the photographer.

How do I know if you’re a good fit?

Take a look through my portfolio to see if you like my style. I also am happy to jump on a no-pressure video call with you to chat about the day and make sure I fit the vibe you’re looking for. You’re under no obligation to book at any time–I want to make sure you find what you’re looking for!

Can you do same-day or teaser edits?

Some clients request a fast turnaround edit of the first look, bridals, or morning ceremony so they can play it at the evening reception. This is certainly do-able and available for an additional fee.

What if I don’t like your highlight edit?

I license a top-of-the-line video proofing tool so you can request edits to the highlight video I produce. Sometimes you just want that shot cut out that includes the crazy aunt!

This is free to use, within reason. I reserve the right to finalize the end product to avoid excessive work through re-editing. 

How do I book you for my event?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book me. This gets your event on my schedule, and ensures I don’t accept any other projects that could conflict with yours. Venmo is preferred.


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